Welcoming a child in the world is one of the most certain decisions of a lifetime. The child is not only just a collection of flesh and bones but also a ray of hope and happiness to the house where he or she is born. During the nine months that the fetus is in their mother’s womb, the mother learns to love it so much that it’s for the lifetime. The mother releases so much oxytocin (a love hormone)  for the child that she would love if all her day is spent doing nothing but taking care of her offspring. 

Parents form one of the first interactions the child ever has, and they live together for a long time. Till the time child learns to become independent and think rationally, he or she learns from their parents.  They provide the baby will all the delicate needs, from food and milk to patting on them the back to singing the child to sleep and making them giggle. Someone has truly said that a parent can go to any extent for their children. 

Taking Care of Physical Needs

Raising a child is a responsibility. The parents must take care to be the best role model for their children. Children learn from their parents when it comes to discipline, habits, the way they dress up and talk. In simpler words, parents are the very first teacher of the child. Apart from discipline, baby journey parenting topics also include taking care of other aspects of their lives, such as health.

The initial or developmental years of the child are very crucial. In these years, proper nutrition is vital for the proper developing of the body and building up immunity against various diseases. It is important to get the child vaccinated for all the necessary doses at the rights age to avoid any future risk of developing diseases or disabilities. 

Being There Emotionally

As a parent, you would want your children to learn the best things to teach them. The first lesson starts with moral lessons at home. Actions reflecting dignity and gratitude, such as respecting others, helping people in need, listening to elders, being kind to animals may sound small but have a great impact on the child’s life. Holistic development plays a crucial part of information of a good personality of a person who is full of potential. Each child is equally capable; as the child grows, never forget to tell them that they are good and have immense potential. 

Being a supportive parent makes the child build trust and makes the bond between the two poles stronger. When a child feels low, cheer her/him up, tell them you can do it, help them with their confusions in any aspect of life, being it academic or personal. A parent must never entrust their hopes and dreams on the child. The child must explore and learn about themselves first and then do what they feel comfortable at. 

The parenting topics are a challenge that is to be dealt with patience and love. It can be tough, but hope and faith can guide you through. Children are blessings, cherish their childhood, and help them to be the best versions of themselves is the true meaning behind parenting. 

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