Jar Of Love: What Is It And What Is It For

When we talk about love we think that it is intended only for romantic couples … But nothing could be further from the truth. Love encompasses everything in life, and it is thanks to it that the world moves. Love is a feeling that comes from the depths of the bowels, and that unites people. Therefore, the jar of love is an excellent idea to make as a family.

Love has no limits, it is felt by those people with whom you have a strong bond. Sometimes it is not chosen, since you feel love for the children as soon as you become a father or mother, or for the people in the family with whom you have a strong bond. Love does not understand barriers or limits. There are different intensities of love, and it is more than certain that you have ever felt it in your heart.

When there is love for another person, you wish him all the good that can happen to him. You only want that person to be well at all costs, and you do everything possible (or impossible) to achieve it.

Love and relationships

When they are young, children model the behaviors of what they see, and for that reason, this jar will help them thanks to the example that their parents give to express love in the correct way.

Why is it important to express love correctly? Because when it is not done like this, love can turn into something toxic, into unhealthy relationships that, instead of improving them, darkens them and can even create emotional problems for those who suffer from this type of toxic love. Toxic love can be found in any type of relationship, for example:

  • Jealous or possessive couples
  • Controlling mothers
  • Manipulative parents
  • Emotional abuse
  • Toxic friendships

The jar of love

Making the love jar is very simple, but its benefits are very great. For the results to be positive and consistent, then it will be important to do it as a game. But a game that is played regularly so that children have fun and learn little by little, what love is.

But what does it consist of? First, we will talk with the children about what love is. Allow your children to explain what they understand by love and then, once they have done it… You explain to them what love is. If necessary, you can support your explanation with a story or children’s short.

Unlimited cards

Once a day, and as a routine, all of you will write reasons why you love family members. Although if you feel love for another person (cousins, uncles, etc.), you can also write notes or cards addressed to them. They can be thank you notes, words of encouragement … whatever comes from the heart! And once a week they will be read as a family.

7 or 31

Another way to make the love jar is to write small cards with the reasons why you love family members. It can be 1 a day for 7 days or 1 a day for 31 days. You can open 1 each day of the week or 1 for a month (to start reading, you must wait a few days from the start). They can be cards, notes …

Note: In order to make the jar of love as a family, it is necessary that children know how to read and write. So they can actively participate.